Ladia Guerra is a mixed media artist from Long Island, NY . She currently living and working in Queens, NY.

Statement 2017

I am fascinated by the artificial world created by contemporary society. Growing up in a white suburban culture on Long Island, NY has given me insight on the way we treat our bodies on an unnatural level through social interactions and class. I was born and raised on Long Island from a middle class Jewish family. For me living on long island is a love/hate relationship. There is a culture there that to outsiders is extreme, but normal to people that live there.

I am interested in the actions we take to make our lives ‘happier’ through consumption and social pressure. I observe this by researching American pop culture through social media, television, and personal experience and manipulate my observations through the ‘self’. The ‘self’ acts as a blank canvas to express feelings about my upbringing and my ‘culture’. There is an act of fakeness I like to portray and I employ it by making it overly dramatic. I express the artificial by using elements of space, time, social interactions, and class. I find humor to be an important aspect of my work. It opens a neutral space for the audience to engage and makes it easier to digest the situation. The ‘self’ acts as an object and I drop my ego with it. I use close friends and myself to project these experiences and feelings and we let go of judgment. We simulate into the space and become part of the dialogue.

I create video, sculpture, and painting depicting the ‘self’ in the artificial world we live in. The fluidity of these materials can all speak to each other coexisting in the same space. The materiality on it’s own can talk about highbrow and lowbrow culture in a picture frame relating back to social class. 


Do not judge, Leave the EGO behind!

Think about the relationship between yourself in the artificial world you observe

Use Sunscreen

Paint yourself as a god/goddess of high power

Never think natural, think alternatively to natural solutions, challenge “mother” nature

Spend time in nature, spend A LOT of time. This is the only way it works, this is the only way you’ll understand

Ignore huge issues but never ignore the tiny ones

You are constantly surrounded by bright screens everyday, SOAK them up and take in the information

Re-apply sunscreen

Create a new name for yourself, a new identity to escape and to rejuvenate yourself

Ignore the HATERS

DESTROY the p a t r i a r c h y

NEVER shave whens someone TELLS you to...shave when YOU want to

RELAX under artificial light

Only communicate through a screen

Treat Your body like a hot dog. Stuff it with as much ‘Filler’ as you can

Love yourself

Soak your body in a tub of sunscreen to make sure you are 100% protected

DRESS like you’re about to go on OPRAH

Tell everybody how GLAMOROUS your life is constantly

Create a fake beach scenario in your living room to relax in and take you away from reality for a few hours.

Burn all of the photos from your teenage years to pretend it never existed

Reflect back on these actions, apply them in your daily life, constantly think about the artificial and never keep silent.